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After your completed purchase of over $375/$475 at www.ritonoptics.com, a code to redeem your free products will be sent via email. Your promotional coupon code is valid for a free Riton Mod-3 RMD (micro dot) and set of rings (max … Continue reading

Riton USA announces a new site with exclusive coupon codes

Riton USA announces a new easy to use site A new kind of optics company for a new kind of shooter. Backed by The Riton Promise and offering the best rifle scopes, binoculars, and red dot sights for outdoor, hunting … Continue reading

Riton USA and country music artist Aaron Tippin have teamed up during Tippin’s “25 Years” tour to honor local law enforcement

Riton USA and country music artist Aaron Tippin have teamed up during Tippin’s “25 Years” tour to honor local law enforcement at selected tour stops. Tippin will present local officers with a Riton USA product and honor their sacrifices whenever … Continue reading

Introducing the Riton Mirco Dot (RMD)

Riton USA, a veteran and former law enforcement owned company established in 2013, is happy to announce a new addition to their Red Dot optics lineup, the RT-R Mod 3 RMD (Riton Micro Dot). “The RMD is our most versatile … Continue reading

Chance to win Riton Scope & Tickets to Grunt Style Party

Scope 101: Part 13 – Point of Aim/Point of Impact

Point of Aim/Point of Impact Once you have sighted your rifle in at a known distance, you have achieved point of aim/point of impact.Point of aim is using the reticle crosshairs as your aiming point, point of impact is where … Continue reading

Scope 101: Part 12 – Boresighting

Boresighting A boresight tool can be helpful to you to align the bore to the crosshairs of the scope. The purpose of a boresight tool is to get you on the paper when you zero your rifle. It will not … Continue reading

Scope 101: Part 11 – Mounting, Mechanical Zero and Lapping

Mounting the Scope Like purchasing a quality scope, don’t be cheap with your mounting system or it will cause you to have problems in the long run. Doing proper research, finding out what kind of mounts are available for your … Continue reading

Scope 101: Part 10 – Scope Coatings

Scope Coatings A good quality scope should be water resistant, fog proof and shock proof. A large selling point is coating on the optical lenses. The optical coating on the lens will maximize light transmission into the optics, reduce the … Continue reading

Scope 101: Part 9 – Eye Relief

Eye Relief Eye relief is the ideal distance your eye has from the ocular lens to provide a full field of view through the scope. If you primarily shoot this weapon from a rest, your eye will be closer to … Continue reading


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