Aaron Tippin

American Country Music Artist & Record Producer

Twenty-Five plus years – a huge career accomplishment, especially in the music business. Aaron Tippin – who marks his silver anniversary as a recording artist in 2015 – admits that he looks at his career longevity with a little bit of amazement.

Aaron Tippin was born in Pensacola, Florida, but raised on a farm in Travelers Rest, South Carolina. In the 1970s, he made a living as a singer. By the time Tippin was 20, he was working as a commercial pilot. In 1986, he moved to Nashville, where he eventually became a staff writer at Acuff-Rose. He competed on TNN’s You Can Be a Star talent contest in 1986 landing a song publishing contract in 1987. During this time he wrote songs for The Kingsmen, David Ball, Mark Collie, and Charley Pride. He would spend his nights working at Logan Aluminum in Logan County, Kentucky.

In 1995, Tippin married the former Thea Corontzos at a ceremony in Nashville. It’s not just his 25th anniversary as a recording artist in 2015 that Tippin celebrated, but also his and Thea’s 20th anniversary as husband and wife, as well. Family is the center of Tippin’s universe – with two teenage sons, Ted and Tom, a grown daughter, Charla, and a granddaughter.

Tippin is an avid outdoorsmen. Over the years he has operated two hunting supply stores in Tennesee and North Carolina. Tippin is a staunch supporter of the military, and has performed many shows for American servicemen and women overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is also a supporter of 2nd Amendment rights, and himself maintains a vast gun collection, which has been featured on The History Channel.